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Guest [named above] agree/s that their participation in services/events at Chabad of Hyde Park, aka Rohr Chabad Center at UChicago is entirely voluntary. Furthermore, the Guest(s) agree/s to assume any and all risks associated with being infected with Covid-19 while participating in services and/or being on the Chabad of Hyde Park property. The Guest(s) hereby release/s Chabad of Hyde Park, Rabbis & Rebbetzins, employees, Board Members, any other staff and volunteers from any and all claims of loss or damage that may arise associated with Covid-19 only while attending our facility .

Right to Deny Entry
Chabad of Hyde Park maintains the right to deny any Guest(s) the right to enter the facility if he/she is presenting with any symptoms of Covid-19.

Before signing the said agreement, the Guest(s), hereby acknowledges he/she has had the opportunity to seek Independent Legal Advice before signing the Waiver here.

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